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You and your neighbors can save big at all your favorite local spots.
How do I use the Go Local Card?
The Go Local Card

The Go Local Card is the best local rewards program in the nation.
What's the Go Local Card about?
Local Businesses

Expect to see more customers and a greater sense of brand loyalty.
How do businesses participate?

Let's Make a Go Local Nation

Shopping locally is great for your whole community. For starters, you can find unique products unavailable at national chains, and buying from small business owners who live in your neighborhood means supporting your local economy, too.

So, what if there were a way for shoppers to get rewarded every time they bought from a locally-owned store? It would help small business, boost the local economy, and make savvy shoppers happy with great deals! Now, imagine that same rewards program was accepted at local businesses across the whole country. Enter Go Local: a loyalty card and a way of life for shoppers and local businesses alike.
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Go Local National News:

Respectful Revolution

Bob Tuschak & Go Local Austin November 04, 2012 • Austin, TX 
Genius is often in simplicity. Many have struggled and still struggle with finding ways to build consumers' loyalty to their local businesses. A resident of Austin, TX, Bob Tuschak came up with the idea of a simple card that, when presented at local participating shops, lands instant rebates and miscellaneous perks to customers.

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